Monday, July 25, 2016

DS Update: New Names For Places

Come on out to Disney Springs where the Grand Opening Celebration is now in progress!
Downtown Disney, now operating as Disney Springs, is bigger than ever!
Disney has posted a couple new names to we need to begin using. The first one is Riverboat Square.
It's the new name for this area previously known affectionately as (if not unofficially as) the Lily Pad.
The riverboat reference of course is to Fulton's Crabhouse which is being renovated into Paddefish, a New Orleans-themed restaurant.  We're expecting the return of the aft paddle wheel as well as smokestacks on top.
Only one remaining reference to Fulton's remains for the time-being.
The Market Building is another new name in Disney Springs.
It's the new name for their new mall-like semi-indoor building containing shops. We had never seen an official name for the structure and in past articles the Blog referred to it as the Arcade Building. We now know it's the Market Building.

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