Monday, July 18, 2016

DS Update: Human Statues Return

Shortly after the clubs were closed in September, 2008, it became apparent to Downtown Disney management that Pleasure Island had become a ghost town at night and it was necessary to do something to liven up the place. That begat the Celebrate Tonight show which died a merciful death in June, 2010. 
An outsource company was hired to replace Celebrate Tonight with alternate entertainment and that led to the "ultralounge" concept of nightly musical acts taking place at West End Plaza aka Celebration Plaza. Included in the entertainment were some magicians followed by a series of "human statues" posing with guests on the Island.
As construction evolved around Pleasure Island, it was necessary to move them to other locations including Keith's Park near T-REX Cafe in the Marketplace and later to near the surface parking lot beside Cirque du Soleil in the West Side.
So now that Disney Springs is largely completed, I was pleasantly surprised to run into my two good acquaintances here in the Town Center.  Like the ultralounge musical acts, their shows have been running now for 6 years!

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