Sunday, July 17, 2016

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Aero Bar, The Patio, Peek Downtown

Saturday night in Orlando and hanging with Orlando Weekly's event photographer Patrick aka DJ Smooth who we know from CityWalk, XM Satellite Radio's BPM & RadioDanz.  Link to his complete set of photos from the 80's Pub Crawl here.
First stop I-Bar.
DJ Indie John and Lighting Tech Ernie in the booth delivering the 80's!
Which was perfect as Orlando Weekly was following last night's 80's Pub Crawl!
Lots of neon, big hair & "Frankie Goes To Hollywood" in the crowd!  The early music selections were standard 80's hits in support of the pup crawl but would only switch to the more traditional 80's New Wave after 11PM.
Next stop upstairs to Aero Bar.
Resident DJ Cliff-T in the booth!
No 80's here! Dance floor pretty full for EDM hits!
The open-air club was comfortable following the big thunderstorm earlier in the evening that cleared out the humidity!
Not as crowded as some nights up here though.
We made a quick pass through the connected Patio venue.  No cover charge at The Patio or Aero.
Also open air, the music down here is more Top 40 & Hip Hop hits.
Crowded but not packed here too.
Last stop of the evening, Peek Downtown, Orlando's home of the Breaks!
Missed the opening set by DJ Sandy but arrived to find DJ Seth Vogt in the booth.
And he would take turns all night with DJ Knightlife.
Club not packed but a good number on hand for the event!
Spotted on the dance floor with the DJ supporting Dog Eat Dog Records, Nicole & Carla.
Great music and a good time was had by all!