Sunday, July 3, 2016

Club Reports: Electric Avenue, Jet Club, Aquarium, Velvet (Montreal)

Montreal on a Saturday night & checking out some clubs! Beginning the night at Electric Avenue!
Some of the "electric" features in the club includes these electrical grids above the main bar.
This huge lighted light rack above the dance floor!
But best of all, this lighted dance floor which flashes as dancers step around!
I rarely appear on the Blog but that's me checking it out!
DJ Body Love (CDN) delivering mostly 80's & 90's hits although at times he went into 70's Disco and early 00's Dance!
The bar staff took good care of me although like seemingly everywhere in Canada, regulators made sure no more than a shot ever got poured.
No one in Orlando has a floor like this but it is sooo cool!
And it got pretty packed with a slightly older retro crowd!
Next stop Jet Club which is on the same street a few doors away.
DJ Keith Dean (CDN) leading an EDM set during my visit.
Smaller club with lots of poorly placed pillars but there was a good crowd on hand.
But after one drink, it was time to move on!
Just another few doors down on a street with many, many bars & clubs, Aquarium is located where Seven and Rasberries used to be.
The only aquarium theming though were these two mermaids at the front door.
DJ Groove (CDN) was in the booth when I arrived booming out Hip Hop.
Dance floor was empty until he played an EDM set which sadly was just 2 songs in length.
Club is pretty spacious but with so many options on Rue Crescent, this was not the choice for most.
And when the DJ returned to Hip Hop, I quickly located the Sortie and got the heck out of there!
Taxi ride next to Old Montreal and Velvet Underground!
This underground club is literally.....underground!
 Take the candle-lit stairs down and follow the brick tunnel!
The DJ booth in this Gothic-themed venue is behind this iron gate!
Three DJ's were tag-teaming a pure House set including DJ's Adrien Malkay, Mike Robia & Nic Falardeau (all CDN).

The beat of mostly non-vocal House went on and on!
Candle pits along with smoke & incense contributed to the theme!
And in the darkness as the people bounced, a good time was had by all!

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