Tuesday, June 7, 2016

PI Update: The Restrooms Of Pleasure Island

When you gotta go, you gotta go!  We don't want you visiting the Island this summer for the first time in years and need to use the facilities and not be able to find them.  So today we look at the restrooms (WC for our European readers) of years gone by as well as current!

The restroom complex above was located on the Island's second level at West End Plaza, immediately adjacent BET Soundstage Club and across from Comedy Warehouse. This was demolished.
However, it was replaced with this beautiful restroom complex near West End Plaza and adjacent to STK. Back in early Disney Springs days, this building served as the town's railroad depot. There aren't a lot of stalls in here so be prepared to wait your turn at peak times.
Back in the day, you might remember using the restrooms down this corridor between Raglan Road and Fuego by Sosa Cigars.  It was hidden-enough to not be busy and it was known for it's great air conditioning!

That complex is still there but it was gutted and completely rebuilt.  It's no longer accessible from the Mannequins side though.  Now you have to enter from the opposite side via this corridor between Chapel Hats and Tea Traders.  I haven't visited but I'm told the A/C is still great!
The third restroom complex on the Island is brand new and is down on the lower level across from Art Smith's Homecoming.  Hidden in a low traffic area, this might be the place to "go" when you need to!  The entrances are straight ahead towards the twin windows, and then left or right.  At the far right with the white door and seemingly built into 8TRAX, a separate co-ed facility. Enjoy!!

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