Thursday, June 2, 2016

PI Update: Island Roundup

Short visit to our Island home last night to bring you this update.  At the Lily Pad, renovations continue on the conversion of Fulton's Crab House into Paddlefish. Most of the action must be taking place inside because changes so far to the outside have been minimal.
We're at the three month mark in construction of what will be celebrity chef Art Smith's Homecoming restaurant, aka Florida Kitchen.  This amazingly fast-constructed venue is located on the lower level of the Island behind STK.
Now that the Town Center is largely done, we expect the construction pace to pick up on the conversion of Adventurers Club into The Edison Orlando. You can see here a large scale conversion taking place on AC's old dome.
Out back on the Island's lower level, concrete was extended up to the water and some additions have been added too.  Don't know if this area will remain outdoors or whether it will become part of an extended inside area.
Speaking of STK, dropped by to see who was playing and it was DJ Mo.  Mo has a radio show on WPRK Winter Park and used to spin at KISS 105.3 in Gainesville! 
The bar area was jamming and they've kept this floor area open for groups, so anything is possible here!
Short visit to the Island though as a storm began moving in, I needed to move out!

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