Thursday, June 23, 2016

PI Update: The Compass

Back in 2000 when the Blog was first to publish leaked plans for the Hyperion Wharf redesign for Pleasure Island, one of the blue prints showed a large directional "compass" built into the pavement at the Lily Pad.  That's the name of the open plaza in front of Fulton's Crab House.
The Lily Pad was reconstructed twice during the years since the Pleasure Island clubs closed but in neither project did the compass appear. This is how the current version of the Lily Pad appears today and it's still used by musical groups each evening.
Of course we all know that the Hyperion Wharf project was quashed in favor of the much-later announced Disney Springs project. And the compass did end up in the new project, appearing instead here at The Hub.
The Hub is the large intersection in front of Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar at the base of Hill Street. That is where you can now find that directional compass!  Come on out and see it for yourself!  On Tuesday we'll take a look at some other features from Hyperion Wharf that either made it or didn't make it to Disney Springs. Tune-in!

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