Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DS Update: Bus Circle

It's likely that more guests arrive at Disney Springs via bus than any other mode of transportation. It was thus necessary to construct a new facility to service all those passengers arriving from the various resorts.  Today we look at the bus complex as shown above, located right at the front of the Town Center.
The lane nearest the shopping is home to the Arrivals area. Since it really doesn't matter where guests get dropped-off, buses from the various resorts can pull-up to any open drop-off gate.
Departures have to be more exact, of course, as guests need to get to where they're going.  The Departures board shows where to catch the bus to your destination. And like an airport, each departure area is called a Gate.
While there is just one lane for drop-offs, there are two bus lanes for Departures and gates are located along both lanes. Very simple but also sophisticated.
Back adjacent arrivals is the Stroller & Wheelchair rental building.
While on the opposite side of the same building, the nearest Restroom complex.  All very clever.

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