Sunday, June 5, 2016

Concert Report: Ellie Goulding (CFE Arena)

Saturday night in the city and heading to CFE Arena on the University of Central Florida campus for a 7PM concert.
Opening act DJ Luke Hampel (USA) would play a 50-minute EDM set.
And then at 8:15PM, the reason we were here!  Singer Ellie Goulding (GB).
And she would sing her catalog of Dance hits over nearly the next two hours!
Packed house!
Jammed down on the floor too but not as bad as some events I've been to!
Dressed in sparkly black short shorts and Doc Martin boots, she was a crowd-pleaser!
I first discovered Ellie Goulding when they would play her song "Lights" in the background at Publix, lol.  She would play it here early in her show.
Shortly after that, Calvin Harris (GB) hit "I Need Your Love" ft. Ellie Goulding! PHOTO CREDIT: KRISTY
Lots of lasers, spots & smoke!
Mostly younger crowd at this college arena show.
Spotted in Black & Gold Club VIP: Man's Week friend Art
Spotted on the floor: Nicole & Kristy
Outfit change to a colorful tight-fitting bodysuit!  PHOTO CREDIT: KRISTY
Doing 2013 hit "Burn".
Her dancers would appear several times throughout the night but generally it was just Ellie on stage with simple props plus her wardrobe changes.
Switching to a long white gown and bare feet for several songs!
Delivering one of her famous high pitches!
Ellie engaged with the audience several times during the show but her thick English accent often made it hard to understand her.
Singing a duo with her long time guitarist.
A two song encore beginning with 2012 hit "Anything Could Happen".
The backup singers reminded me of a night at Rising Star in CityWalk!
Ending the show with Grammy-nominated song "Love Me Like You Do" from last year! The song was used in hit film "Fifty Shades of Grey".
No one was leaving early!
Asking for a show of lights!
Confetti bomb!  I'm still picking glitter pieces off me this morning!
A good time was had by all!

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