Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Aero Bar, Eve Nighclub, Monkey Bar

Because of Saturday night's tragic events, I delayed posting this article. I was downtown that night but was home long-before the shootings took place a couple miles south of the club district.  Saturday night began as it often does at Independent Bar.
DJ Indie John in the booth as we expect on Saturday night!
Dance floor was packed!
80's New Wave!
Spotted in VIP: Ashley, CJ & Tracy Lulu
Always a great time here!
Moved upstairs next to Aero Bar!
Music from the master DJ Cliff T!
Taking turns with former Mannequins DJ The Dom, spotted here manning the smoke gun!
As it usually is, this outdoor rooftop bar's dance floor was impassible! 
The music all House & Deep House!
Just an amazing experience up here!
Moving down the street next to Eve Nightclub.
DJ Jay Mac (USA) delivering EDM & Top 40 hits from a perch on the side of the dance floor rather than from their regular DJ booth.
It's a test to see if more people dance if the DJ is closer.
It was working last night but I doubt it has to do with the location of the DJ.
The regular booth is close to the floor too, just at the front rather than the side.
But whatever, Eve was jammed Saturday night!
Last stop of the night, Wall Street Plaza and specifically Monkey Bar!
DJ Rob Prynge playing an amazing House set.
The small club was packed too!
Long and narrow, the club features an outdoor balcony too, both with bar service.
DJ Dity came on next and delivered some more of the good stuff!
Dance floor stayed active!
A good time was had by all!

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