Saturday, June 11, 2016

Club Reports: The Beacham, The Lodge, TSAR, Peek Downtown, Tier Nightclub

My Friday night started at The Beacham for $5 mixed drinks before 11PM.
Just a handful of people in the club this early but DJ Richie Rich was already pumping out Hip Hop hits!  You can find him playing Top 40 & EDM outdoors this afternoon at Chases on the Beach in New Smyrna Beach!
Next stop, more cheap drinks at The Lodge.
This is the place where the DJ doesn't like his picture taken so  you have to try to do it from far away, lol!  Results are not always successful.
The Lodge is one of the few Orlando clubs with actual theming.  In this case, the theme is a 1960's hunting lodge.
It was still kind of early and the crowd was building but already there were quite a few people drinking and dancing.
And most Friday & Saturday nights it gets impassable in here to 80's & 90's music!
Next stop, long walk over to TSAR near Lake Eola for this week's 100 Club show.
DJ Jefferson Funk was doing some House music when I arrived.
People were dancing.
Just not a lot of people.
Coming on at 12:15AM, DJ Donald Glaude (USA).
House music from one who is credited as being one of the early pioneers of the genre!
Spotted by the bar: Stacey Kakes
Spotted on the dance floor: Claudia with Carlos by the bar
Dance floor got a little more crowded!
As he played House versions of songs like Snoop Dog's "Gin and Juice" and Kool & the Gang's "Get Down on It".
Donald Glaude is based in Tacoma & Seattle.
He's famous for a deep bass sound with occasional breaks in the music where he shouts out enthusiastically to get the crowd pumped up!  He did that a few times last night!
Those there were pretty enthusiastic but it was disappointing that more people don't come out for big name veterans like this.
Walked back over into the city's core to check out Peek Downtown.
DJ Jimmy Joslin in the booth when I arrived!
You never know what kind of crowd you're going to find at Peek but last night it was pretty damn full!
And the dance floor was crowded and active!
DJ Knightlife taking over around 1AM.
Breaks & Old Skool Breaks all night!
Spotted on the dance floor: Denise
The place was loud and crazy!
Spotted in VIP: DJ John Campisano
Final stop, around the corner to Tier Nightclub.
DJ Andre Tanneberger (D) in the booth; better known simply as ATB!
The German DJ is known for hits such as "Ecstasy", "Don't Stop" & " 9PM (Till I Come).
Tier was packed too but I was annoyed that I could not get upstairs at all.
I was also annoyed that ATB was singing to a lot of his songs.  I've seen him play several times but had never seen him do that before!
Packed, but not as packed as I've seen for some DJ's playing here.
Tier is located where club Icon used to be.  But other than the general shape, it looks completely different now.
Confetti bomb!
A good time was had by all!

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