Monday, May 2, 2016

PI Update: Bridges Over Springs

Whoop! Whoop!  Just 2 more weeks until Disney Springs Town Center opens!  Time for an update on the bridges that connect the Island to the Town Center and the springs that separate them.

The preexisting No. 1 Bridge actually connects PI to Disney Springs Marketplace and it's uncertain at this juncture exactly where Marketplace ends and the Town Center begins, since they connect directly.

The new No. 2 Bridge replaced the former No. 2 Bridge that connected the PI parking lot to the Mannequins and Raglan Road area.

Likely to be one of the busiest bridges in the system, it's much narrower than it's predecessor.

The No. 3 Bridge is no longer visible from the SkyCam given it's location behind new construction.  It's roughly where the old No. 3 castmember-only bridge once stood.  Pictured above is the new No. 4 Bridge near Planet Hollywood. It connects Disney Springs West Side with the lower level of the Island below STK.  Notice that the springs end here and Village Lake water begins again.

The former arch truss No. 4 Bridge is now the No. 5 Bridge and it still connects Disney Springs West Side with the Island's upper level at West End Plaza.  We also see the two temporary bridges in front of it.

At the top, the temporary deck bridge is used for construction at Walt's Place and The Edison Orlando.  At the bottom, the former Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway is only used to service Paradiso 37 and should be removed later this year.

We don't know if Disney is going to name the three sets of springs so the Blog has given them directional names.  Eastern Springs begin at the No. 1 Bridge and there will be several scenic overlooks in the Lilypad plaza area.

Central Springs, adjacent the No. 2 Bridge, is super impressive, as you can see.  They did an incredible job here creating it. Those tethered lanterns you see floating on top will display multi-colored lights at night.  Also at the top, there is a tributary of the springs that heads up towards the new Information center.  We don't know yet if any springs are located up that way.

Western Springs is near the bend between the No. 3 & No. 4 Bridges. It seems to be the smallest of the three unless there is something up that tributary.  Stay tuned for details about the opening ceremony on May 15th!

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