Tuesday, May 3, 2016

DS Update: What's For Dinner?

By now you're familiar with Morimoto Asia & The Boathouse as the already-open new dining venues on Pleasure Island.  Both have had very good reviews overall.  But let's jump over to the Town Center section of Disney Springs and see some of the new dining venues opening over there.  When we last visited in February (here), construction was underway but we didn't know what was going into each new building.
Next to the No. 2 Bridge and across from Raglan Road, this will be Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Supposedly Sprinkles will offer a 24/7 cupcake vending machine, although we don't think Disney Springs is open after 2AM so we don't know how you would access it in the middle of the night if you just have to have a cupcake. (Hint: Speedway has Hostess products 24/7.)
Also adjacent the No. 2 Bridge will be Frontera Cocina, a Rick Bayless concept restaurant featuring regional Mexican cuisine.
It will offer tables overlooking Central Springs.
A little further west, Disney owned & operated D-Luxe Burger looks like it might be ready for May 15th.
Located at the very far west corner of Town Center, Blaze Pizza is the dining venue furthest from completion. Take a blazing hot oven, add 180 seconds and you have a perfectly crisp fast fire'd pizza. Blaze sources tell us this one is about 3 months away from opening.
Jumping back over to the Island, Art Smith's Homecoming aka Florida Kitchen has been fast-tracked and has gone from dirt to a dried-in structure in just two months!
This is located roughly where the old gazebo used to stand at the base of the Lombard Promenade. Today, this is directly below the back of STK.
And of course STK opens soon as well, located on it's perch on the Island where Comedy Warehouse used to stand!  Can't hardly wait!

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