Monday, May 16, 2016

DS Update: Plaques

Official Seal of the mythical city of Disney Springs, Florida.  Of course, Disney Springs like Downtown Disney before it, is actually located in the incorporated city of Lake Buena Vista, Florida. (All 4 theme parks are located in the incorporated city of Bay Lake, Florida.)
Over on Pleasure Island at the Hub, the compass point has had directional plaques added.


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Anonymous said...

You keep calling int Pleasure Island but I thought it was the Landing now.

KingBob said...

When Downtown Disney became Disney Springs, there was a ceremony and all the signs were changed to reflect the new name.

While the renaming of Pleasure Island to The Landing doesn't require a ceremony, I've yet to see any signs when you cross over onto Pleasure Island that state that you're now at The Landing. So we're presuming that the name change has not yet occurred. Once it does, the Blog will support the name change.

In the meanwhile, hope to attend an Orlando City Lions soccer game soon over at Camping World Stadium, formerly the Orlando Citrus Bowl. They announced the name change a couple weeks ago and there are signs up everywhere with the new name.

Brian said...

IS that MAXWELL'S DEMON? on the W (WEST) (MANNEQUINS Pleasure Island Canvas Works Fabrication Plant

Second building erected on the island, this actually housed Merriweather Pleasure's famous canvas fabrication works. In the 1930s, it was converted to a soundstage for Invincible Pictures, then into a design studio and workshop for various Pleasure projects. Most notable of these was a huge locomotive powered by a combination of steam and magnetic power. A colossal turntable was installed to facilitate the work on this revolutionary product, called "Maxwell's Demon", that was intended to revolutionize world transportation.

It didn't.
For further unverifiable information on the life and times of Pleasure Island, refer to the theoretical histerical plaques located at the island's entrances.

KingBob said...

Brian, the locomotive shown on the W (West) plaque is a diesel locomotive. The locomotive built by Merriweather Adam Pleasure, the so called "Maxwell's Demon", was a steam locomotive.

As many may not know, that colossal turntable that Pleasure used to turn the locomotive around was used in later years as the revolving dance floor at Mannequins Dance Palace when the former soundstage was converted into a dance club.

Thanks for the memories, Brian!