Sunday, May 15, 2016

DS Update: Overview

Disney Springs Town Center opened earlier today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  As we approach 8 years since the Pleasure Island clubs were closed, there is finally something to show for it as most of this was built in the former PI parking lot!
Built with amazing speed, the Lime Garage also opened today.  It will have the advantage of being closest to most of the new stores in addition to being closer to the more popular Marketplace. The much-larger Orange Garage will keep the advantage of a ramp directly off I-4 westbound.
The main entrance is on west bound Buena Vista Drive, just past the intersection with Hotel Plaza Blvd.  I found driving in quite easy compared to the backups experienced at the Orange Garage.
The green and red lights were operational inside even if the outside sign wasn't quite accurate yet.
Escalators or stairs from the 2nd level of the Lime Garage bring you easily into Town Center.
Straight ahead is the new unsigned Disney Springs Welcome Center.
Let's not forget that this is a shopping center.
We've previously mentioned that the springs have a tributary and we finally got to see where it goes. It ends here at this water trough that was spinning rapidly, taking water upwards.
It was only later when I passed the other end that I saw this was a manual trough being hand-cranked by other guests!
Central Springs was bubbling too!  In the coming minutes we'll post 4 more articles called Shop Now, Shop Soon, Eat Now & Eat Soon. But you've got to come out and see it for yourself!

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