Tuesday, May 24, 2016

DS Update: Other Views

In all the publicity from the opening of Disney Springs Town Center, here are a few more pictures you probably haven't seen elsewhere.  This is the view of the entrance of the new bus circle at the very front of the Town Center section. This is directly across from the Speedway (formerly Hess) station.
The already-iconic but brand new water tower represents the development. This is the view from the back side.
The circular staircase from former dance club 8TRAX is still there, now sporting an advertisement for Forbidden Lounge which is inside Morimoto Asia.  We could see this (barely) from the Pleasure Island parking lot more than a year ago and couldn't figure out if it was an Asian or Latina girl painted on there. And since this was prior to the announcement about Morimoto Asia, we simply didn't know.
Another view back towards 8TRAX. Part of the former club is the kitchen of Morimoto Asia, part of it is new restrooms and part of 8TRAX remains unoccupied, we're told.
Easier to see from the PI parking lot a year ago was this Sunshine Rail Line logo up high above the 8TRAX restroom building,
Back in the day, the Sunshine Rail Line brought tourists to old town of Disney Springs via the High Line. With train service to the springs long-discontinued, you'll have to arrive by car, coach or boat.
Imposing view of STK which opens to the public this Wednesday.  The Blog will be providing coverage.
SkyCam view down onto Hill Street where new shops also opened in the past year.
The imposing "arcade" building is about the only shade in the Town Center.
Outdoor sections of the Town Center shopping district with the Lime Garage at the rear.
On the Island, about the only remaining plot to be developed is this one between Raglan Road and Vivoli Gelato. Originally we heard it was going to be a Quick Service operated by RR and later we heard it would be home to a wine room.  Now we simply don't know as no construction has ever begun.
No new signs yet but the former AMC Pleasure Island 24 which came AMC Downtown Disney 24 and then simply AMC 24, is supposedly now AMC Disney Springs 24

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