Sunday, May 1, 2016

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Peek Downtown, Gilt Nightclub

Friday night I got my fix of House & Trance. Saturday night's plan was to get my fix of Breaks & Dance. But first, I needed some 80's!
Oh yeah, DJ Indie John in the perch doing just that!
Only 10:30PM and the dance floor was already populated!
Independent Bar goes 80's New Wave every Saturday night!
Spotted by the main bar: Lighting Tech Ernie with Tracy Lulu.
Always fun times at I-Bar!
Next stop was to Orlando's home of Breaks, Peek Downtown!
With one of the veterans of the Breaks scene, DJ KJ (USA).
Club was crowded too!
With lots of bouncing on the dance floor!
Playing his most famous hit "Passion" from back in the day!
His set was infectious!
Spotted in front of the bar: Blog-favorite bartendress Jennifer in civilian attire with Ron!
Spotted behind the bar: Bartendress Lisa!
Spotted nowhere near the bar: DJ Beni Hill
Gee, they take all the fun out of going out!
Fun times at Peek!
Last stop, Gilt Nightclub over near Orlando Executive Airport.
Arrived fashionably late to find DJ Evo (ET / USA) in the booth!
Club was packed..... the rafters!
Crowd was cheering his EDM/Dance set!  Evo opens for Trance DJ Simon Patterson (GB) on May 19th at Venue 578.
And then, there he was coming past me!  DJ Morgan Page (USA).
Later than normal start for the Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer at 12:55AM.
He played hit "Open Heart" early in his set.
And a little later, "Running Wild".
The crowd was following every beat closely!
Selections included songs by Eli Goulding and another by Adele.
 The peeps want EDM!

Great way to wrap-up April!  A good time was had by all!

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