Thursday, May 19, 2016

Club Report: Why Not Lounge

Back in early 2015 the Blog reported on the closing of the venerable Why Not Lounge located in the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel in Altamonte Springs. A club that had been operating nonstop since the 1970's, I was hoping someone would reopen the place. So I dropped by last week to check it out. The venue logo was still on the hotel's main sign, so things looked promising!

And the sign was still there on the side entrance to the hotel lobby!

But alas, the place was still "Closed Due To Renovations".

The Why Not Lounge had been an institution for decades; their Thursday night Ladies Night truly legendary. When I first moved to Florida from Chicago unemployed, this hotel, then the Holiday Inn - Altamonte Springs, was my job hunting base of operations from which I fanned out daily for interviews.  Hotel invitations to free happy hours and of course Ladies Nights, all in the Why Not Lounge, are fond memories!
During all those decades, the Why Not featured live rock bands playing on the small stage with an afterthought DJ playing from a side booth away from the dance floor.

I inquired at the front desk whether the renovations sign was for real and whether the Why Not was going to reopen. Sadly, I was told the former club was being renovated into a lobby bar and that it was not coming back.  But we can still hope.  Maybe the lobby bar will feature live rock bands and an afterthought DJ working from a side booth!

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