Monday, April 18, 2016

PI Update: What's New On Our Island?

Return with us one more time, to beautiful Pleasure Island!
Conversion of the former Adventurers Club building into The Edison Orlando continues.
While the interior was gutted, the framework of the former structure remains in gray while the additions appear in the brown color.
New deck has appeared over the waters of Village Lake!
Part of the former Pleasure Island bypass causeway remains in use but it is supposed to be demolished.
Still a long way to go with construction here at Adventurers Club.
The Edison is themed to be a former electric plant and the tower once completed will look like an old smokestack.
New construction continues on what is supposed to be Walt's or Walt's Place!
The narrow strip of girders we saw previously has widened.
BET Soundstage Club was located on this plot previously but unlike Adventurers Club, none of it was saved for reuse.
We need to recheck the concept art to see what this is going to look like.
Across West End Plaza from Walt's Place and in the former location of Comedy Warehouse, future steak house STK has gained faux windows upstairs.  Keep in mind that the 2nd level on this north side of Pleasure Island..... really the 3rd level on the south side of the Island!
We still don't know whether those big brown doors on the south side of STK will be part of the restaurant or whether they will just be emergency exit doors for the Neverland Tunnels speakeasy.  We believe the latter but won't know until the restaurant opens.
DJ's at night at STK have been confirmed!  Sources have told us the music will be "popular" music that is Disney-approved, with no Hip Hop allowed.  Curiously, the sign up there faces the Orange Garage rather than the lower Island.
This section of Central Springs has had tethered lanterns added.
The multi-colored floating devices will presumably light up in the springs at night!  Come on out and see it all for yourself before the Town Center opens on May 15th!


Troy said...

I was there over the weekend (for the Star Wars races) and the entire Disney Springs area was packed. Busier than I've ever seen that area.

On a side note, I finally ventured over to Boardwalk Friday night and enjoyed my time at Jellyrolls. I'll admit, though, that I was completely taken aback by the lack of ANYONE at Atlantic Dance Hall. I got there around 10 and the place was empty. Like...seriously empty except for the DJ. I would think the PI crowd would still visit the place from time to time, especially since it's free?

Anonymous said...

There are no themed nights, it's not advertised, the drinks are too expensive, the djs play the same videos, etc.

KingBob said...

Troy, 10PM is a bit early for ADH. Even Mannequins was pretty empty at that hour. That said, see the Anonymous explanation right after yours for a good summary with what's wrong with the place.