Saturday, April 23, 2016

PI Update: STK Sign Now Lighted

Just 3 weeks to go until the Town Center section of Disney Springs opens and we expect STK, located on the Island where Comedy Warehouse used to stand, to open at the same time, if not sooner.  Their website has a section for booking reservations but is not yet accepting them.
Neon lighting has been added within the metal STK framework and was lit-up in a pretty red color yesterday.
The rear view of STK from Pleasure Island's lower level.  Over on the right, that's Morimoto's main kitchen.  Passersby will be able to view some of the cooking action through the large window! Monday on the Blog, the latest from Walt's Place & Neverland Tunnels.


DJMadManRay said...

More info on the Tunnels and Walt's? And your going to make us wait until Mon? Thanks a lot Bob, Lol!

KingBob said...

Sorry, Ray!