Thursday, April 28, 2016

PI Update: Fast-Tracked?

Pleasure Island is still the place to be, so come cross the No. 5 Bridge one more time and check out all the construction updates!
At what is reported will become Walt's or Walt's Place, construction progress seems to have become fast-tracked!
Back up in the air with our SkyCam!  When BET Soundstage was demolished early last year here, months of nothingness followed.  But suddenly, perhaps because more heavy construction workers have become available, one can see gains made daily!
This is going to be a relatively high structure when it's done.
Raised corrugated metal foyer.
Next door at The Edison Orlando, A/C equipment has already been added to the roof.  Another example supporting the notion that these last projects have been fast-tracked.
SkyCam photo of the former Adventurers Club building.  Notice the freshly poured concrete pad we reported on Monday here and how it will be extended along the water of the Edison building.
Closeup of the expansion going out over the water.
Future smokestack framework at The Edison.
Another lower level photo at The Edison.
Another look at the two construction projects side-by-side!
The angle of the sun prevented much of a look into the lower level beneath West End Plaza, supposedly the future home of Neverland Tunnels.
Since the entrance to Neverland Tunnels was reported to be via the basement of Walt's Place, it's possible that the Tunnels will not only be beneath the Plaza but also beneath Walt's!
There are several hidden speakeasy bar/lounge concepts around Orlando and perhaps this will be Disney's attempt to emulate that. Only the cool people will know about it!
Tune in Monday for more exclusive pics!


Anonymous said...

So glad The Edison and Walt's are coming. What would really be nice is if an announcement would be made that the Neverland Tunnels is coming. Well what would REALLY make my day is to bring Mannequins Dance Palace back!

KingBob said...

Well, unless they're sneaking Mannequins into one of the many shopping center buildings, there is sadly no longer any room for it!