Tuesday, April 26, 2016

DS Update: Advertising Banners & More

Spotted these Disney Springs banners this weekend over in the Marketplace.  All of them use the "Coming Soon" theme; this one featuring that new indoor mall / awning-covered structure behind Planet Hollywood and the Coca-Cola store.

This one features the new STK steakhouse.
This one is an overview of the springs of Disney Springs.  Interestingly, this features long-expired concept art since Mannequins is displayed as such without the outdoor dining and glass that now makes up the Morimoto structure.
This fourth one does feature Morimoto as it was constructed.  Of course this venue is already open!

 Speaking of the Coca-Cola store, we now see that all the exterior glass skin has been installed and the front awning entrance area is being worked on.

Front view.

View of the outdoor rooftop patio.  Will this be a nightlife hotspot....or a soda fountain?

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