Saturday, April 16, 2016

Club Reports: Saddle Up, The Lodge, Peek Downtown, Treehouse, Backbooth, Sandwich Bar

The Blog tries to cover Orlando club options similar to what was offered at Pleasure Island.  So with the Neon Armadillo and Wildhorse Saloon in mind and to show our diversity, we began our Friday night downtown adventures at Saddle Up!
Resident DJ Zee was in the booth playing the expected Country, but also a lot of Top 40 & Line Dances!
Trying out use of my new iPhone SE camera to see if I can ditch carrying both a phone and a real camera.  The answer is no.
"Whoa Nellie", as they say in Country bars!

 Spotted in VIP: Nicole & Kristy

"Wobble baby Wobble"
Moving across the street next to The Lodge.
The other DJ here hides his face when you try to take his picture; DJ Mac was more accommodating!
Typically 80's in here but last night the music ran the gamut!
Themed like a hunting lodge, albeit with year-round Christmas lights, the dance floor was packed!
Next stop was Blog-favorite Peek Downtown!
With DJ Superfly Jeff mixing Classic Dance with Classic Breaks!
The bar had quite a few people.  The dance floor didn't.
While in the area, no choice but to visit another Blog-favorite, Treehouse.
Climb the stairs and go up into the tree.  No DJ in here, just recorded music like the 90's being played last night!
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink and chilling picnic-style down on the grass floor!
Nicole & Kristy grooving to the beats on the club's dance floor!
Another mandatory stop downtown on a Friday night is the "Footloose 80's Video Party" at Backbooth!
Stay still, DJ Adam Wright!
Club is usually packed but last night, just a few handfulls.
Great mix of 80's hits, sometimes sneaking into the late 70's or early 90's. Just don't tell anyone if you hear that happening.
Last stop of the night, Sandwich Bar.
Somewhere in the fog, DJ Andy Hughes (USA).
House music all night long.  A good time was had by all!


Unknown said...

Forget your IPhone, go to the Galaxy S7 instead. Much better pictures in low lighting area. Lol

KingBob said...

Well thanks but I'm stuck with this one for awhile.

Anonymous said...

forget the Samsung it WILL FAIL!!!

Anonymous said...

saddle up must play more then COUNTRY music!

Unknown said...

All my Samsung's have never failed, but HAVEN'T seen!! YOU POST in a while!! Welcome BACK!?!!

Anonymous said...

"but HAVEN'T seen!! YOU POST in a while!! Welcome BACK!?!!" HUH?