Sunday, April 10, 2016

Club Reports: Eve Nightclub, Independent Bar, The Patio, Aero Bar

Began my Saturday night at Eve Nightclub for their Silent Disco fundraiser for the Guys With Ties Philanthropy!
DJ RayLove & DJ Freefall (USA) were in the booth playing different songs at the same time!
DJ Freefall was broadcasting EDM & Hip Hop Classics on the Red Channel.....
While DJ RayLove was broadcasting Top 40 & Hip Hop on the Blue Channel!
Meanwhile patrons equipped with headphones could switch between the two channels!
Club was packed but if you didn't have headphones on, you didn't hear any music, just people singing and dancing!
All of a sudden you'd see people lit up in the other color go crazy over something and curiosity would cause you to switch channels!
Spotted at the VIP stripper pole: Members of the Eve staff practicing their moves while listening to the Red Channel!
Spotted on the dance floor: Mrs. Freefall
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
People getting into Dance hits on the Red Channel!
DJ Freefall was one of two DJ's broadcasting when they did this on New Years Eve at EPCOT: Japan. Link here. This is soooo much fun and we'll alert you the next time they do this!
Always try to include Independent Bar in my Saturday nights whenever possible!
Resident DJ Indie John in the booth along with Resident Lighting Tech Ernie!
Club was packed last night for the Saturday night format of early to mid-80's New Wave!
I discovered this place after Mannequins closed and I've been going ever since!
It's the music that everyone knows the words to!
Next stop around back to The Patio, formerly Eye Spy, where management tells us there's always a party but never a cover!
DJ Parry in the booth delivering Top 40 & EDM hits!
The open-air dance floor was packed here too!
Cheap drink prices, a great DJ and the lack of a cover charge makes this a popular downtown option!
Spotted by the DJ booth: Donia & Renee
Such a great vibe in here!
And they're already advertising their big Cinco de Mayo party on Thursday, May 5th!
Last stop, directly upstairs, Aero Bar (formerly Sky60)!
Resident DJ Cliff T blowing up the club with House music!
Another outdoor venue, the dance floor was absolutely jammed!
The peeps want House music!
Spotted on the dance floor: Christian & Natasa
Cliff was alternating with former Mannequins DJ Dominick Morrison aka The Dom!
Special treat coming up! French House DJ Fred Falke will be spinning here on Thursday, April 21 and admission is free!
At Aero Bar and all the clubs visited last night, a good time was had by all!

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