Tuesday, March 15, 2016

DS Update: STK & Coke

STK steakhouse continues towards completion at West End Plaza and now a sign has been added.
It will be quite noticeable to passers by.
Looks like it's just the frame with lighting to be added within.  Can't wait!
Updated view of the back side of STK with outdoor balcony.

 Adjacent to STK on Pleasure Island's lower level, the slab has been poured on this mystery building overlooking the springs. This would appear to block views of the springs from STK's rear balcony.
More mystery over at the Coke store.  You'll recall the concept art which shows these two sides of the building completely enclosed in glass.
While construction continues, the building is only partly enveloped in the cola bottle-colored glass.
The north side only has glass in its lower section and the "guide wires" used to hang the glass only exist in the section farthest east.
These two windows have been given a 1920's factory look to them.  Will they disappear behind glass too?
Meanwhile on the west face of the building, the glass only covers the southern half of the building.
Will be interesting to see how this advances.


Anonymous said...

The design glamour in the artwork is the red gloss corner detail and the 'flying wing' roof over the roof terrace/bar. Until these details are added, the structure looks really boring and the green glass facade looks dour...

Anonymous said...

^ Like

Unknown said...


KingBob said...

Well it looks like an old factory building of course right now. An old Coke bottling plant.