Sunday, March 6, 2016

Club Reports: Q's Bar, Nokturnal

Over in downtown Cocoa last night trying to find Q's Bar but they apparently don't have a sign so I had to settle for this one!
Didn't have to settle when it came to the music though!  DJ Sandy in the booth when I arrived.
Didn't get crowded although the dance floor did see some action!
DJ Versa Style taking over at midnight!
All Breaks, all night!
The club has a second room and in here DJ Navitas came on at midnight too!
Great selection of music had everyone moving!
In fact, for awhile this room had more dancers than the main room!
Breaks making a big comeback on the national scene!
We've seen Navitas bouncing on many-a-dance floor over the years but only recently found out that she also DJ's!  Awesome set!
All right, the reason for the season!  DJ Sharaz (USA) taking over at 1AM!
Fog machine was doing its job and it was really hard to get pics in here.
Nowhere near as crowded as when we saw him spin at The Joint in Daytona in January.  Rumor has it that he might be playing in Orlando soon though.
Spotted in VIP: Marci & Ashleigh
Spotted in the booth: Orlando's DJ Kay Kay

 Spotted on the dance floor: Bea & Pretty Payton
Breakbeats or bust!
Back in Orlando, first visit to overnight club Nokturnal for "Laced After HRS".
House music (literally) all-night long from DJ's Carlos Mendoza & Elias R.
As the place is open after the 2AM curfew, it's BYOB or soda pop!
Dance floor beginning to populate!
And I was surprised as 3AM approached that people kept streaming-in!
I was hoping to see DJ Hector Couto (E) but found out that he wasn't coming on for his 3-hour set until 4AM!
But that was past my bedtime so I stuck with Carlos & Elias awhile longer; great House music!
Great vibe in here too and a good time was had by all!

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