Saturday, March 12, 2016

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Treehouse, Spacebar, Sandwich Bar

Began my Friday night with Blog favorite Independent Bar!
Resident DJ Indie John was in the booth as expected, playing the Friday night format of Indie Dance!
Good crowd beginning to populate the dance floor rather early last night.
I faced away for a  minute and when I turned back around, the floor was packed!
Lots of Orlando City Lions fans coming in after the game!
Climb the stairs up into the Treehouse!
No DJ in here, just recorded music like the 70's Disco being played last night!
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink and chilling picnic-style down on the grass floor!
It's just a small room but there's always a great vibe in here; everyone is happy!
First visit ever to Spacebar!
DJ C Future was on the booth when I arrived.
Dance floor was beginning to fill-up for Breakbeats!
Spotted in VIP: DJ Sandra Cruz & DJ Matrix
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda S.
Spotted in VIP: DJ Beni Hill
Spotted on the dance floor: Amanda Lea M. with Blog favorite CJ
Taking over near 1AM, DJ David Salgado.
And he would drive the crowd into a high-paced D&B frenzy!
Small club with beer & wine license only didn't keep anyone from not having fun!
Hadn't see Salgado play since the NLP Christmas Party at Peacock Room back in 2012!  All I can say about his set is, wow!
Spacebar's neighbor is Sandwich Bar.
Arrived to find resident DJ Mathew Scot in the booth!
Smaller crowd at least initially than we had seen during other recent visits.
But taking over just after 1AM, DJ Pete Bones (GB).
And the dance floor suddenly came alive!
That look of euphoric satisfaction you get from real House music!
Great to see the Progressive House legend live!
Spotted in the foyer: Blog favorite CJ with DJ Smilin' Dan
Spotted on the dance floor: Hilary
Spotted on the dance floor: Future Sound of Breaks leader Glyn S. Morgan.  His massive show next Friday night in Miami at The Hangar is a do not miss event that includes Just Blaze, DJ Icey, DJ Craze, Stanton Warriors, and many many more!  Full details here.
Playing into the wee hours, the later it got, the better it got!
A good time was had by all!

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