Saturday, March 5, 2016

Club Reports: Club 39, Sandwich Bar

Checking out Club 39 on a Friday night!
DJ Digital on the boards delivering a mix of Top 40, Hip Hop and some occasional EDM hits.
Upper dance floor held most of the activity last night!
Large orthopedic group from Gainesville getting down!
Lower main dance floor was also in use!
Of course we know DJ Digital from Slingapour's and Wall Street Plaza downtown.
And he tells the Blog that he will soon be doing Friday nights at The Groove in CityWalk.
 Don't forget the former Sunday Service Industry Night at House of Blues has relocated here featuring DJ Magic Mike & DJ Rincon!  Check it out here.

Club 39 is located in the Rosen Plaza Resort on International Drive; admission and parking are free!
Hip Hopped-out, it was time for some House music at Sandwich Bar!
Arrived to find DJ Jeff Kash still in the booth delivering the good stuff!
Not as crowded as last week for DJ Quivver, it was still a decent crowd on hand!
Oh yeah!  Coming on at 1:15AM, DJ Dani Lehman (USA).
People were getting into her House set!
No shortage of shiny disco balls at Sandwich Bar!
Dani is a resident DJ at Cielo in NYC as well as from the recently-closed Pacha NYC. Mixing off CD's, there was no laptop to be seen!
Sandwich Bar is located on East Robinson Street in the Milk District.

A good time was had by all!

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