Monday, February 15, 2016

PI Update: STK Medium Rare Please

This is the concept art for the new STK restaurant opening soon on Pleasure Island.  Now that construction on the exterior is largely completed, it's interesting to look at the details. (You can click on the image to enlarge.)  The concept art shows tables sitting directly on West End Plaza. Not sure how practical that is given the volume of pedestrians walking right by.  It's also difficult to tell where the restaurant entrance is.  There is one entry to the far right and something at the far left too.  Perhaps the latter is for servers to bring food from the kitchen outside to those patio diners.  Of course we've long known about the upstairs outdoor balcony overlooking the springs.  The restaurant is supposed to offer a private dining room too.
Nearing completion last week.  We've long known that STK locations offer a lounge with DJ music later at night and that this is in the plans for their Pleasure Island location too.  Even their website still states, "STK Orlando provides a fun, high-energy atmosphere complete with an in-house DJ."  Whether Disney Springs management will let them have this remains to be seen!


Anonymous said...

Disney has a history of sabotaging "fun, high energy atmosphere".

KingBob said...

True dat.

Anonymous said...

After a few trips examining this building during construction, it does not look big enough to house a meaningful dance floor. In fact, it looks rather small to have a kitchen and a space capable of seating more than a 120 people at a time. It looks like a smaller version of Yak & Yeti over at Animal Kingdom. Any idea what the maximum seating capacity will be? I might be wrong, but it's pretty small.

Of course, with all of the new eateries coming to Disney Springs, maybe it doesn't need to be too big after all?