Tuesday, February 9, 2016

PI Update: The Mystery Building

This is 8TRAX and the corner of Mannequins in November, 2014 which is prior to the conversion of MDP into Morimoto Asia.
We now know of course that Morimoto's kitchens run into what was once 8TRAX. As you can see, it runs all the way to that round gray structure which housed the circular back stairs in 8TRAX that hardly anyone used.
It's still there and apparently contains emergency exit stairs from Morimoto's upstairs.
But just around the corner from the circular structure is this mystery structure, pictured here in October, 2014.
And pictured here again on a brighter day one month later.  For those of you keeping score at home, this appears to be Parcel C18 on the Disney Springs map and that's the new restroom complex up behind it and a service yard to the left of it.
We know that Morimoto doesn't take up all of 8TRAX and we don't think Art of Shaving takes up all of the rest of it. C18 was newly built in 2014 and remains unoccupied.  To our knowledge, it's without an announced tenant.
One last view from the Pleasure Island parking lot. Unfortunately, building construction in Disney Springs Town Center has now long-blocked views of the mystery building and we have no recent photographs of the place!


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