Monday, February 8, 2016

PI Update: Adventurers Club Memories

The truth is that I was not a big Adventurers Club fan back when Pleasure Island clubs operated.  I can only recall going in there twice during all my years at PI.  I enjoyed the wacky fun but in the back of my mind I feared I was missing out on even greater fun over at Mannequins!
But as much as PI fans bemoaned the loss of Mannequins, 8TRAX & Motion, there was no one more vocal than Adventurers Club fans!
Since then I've learned what a following this place had.....and has!
Some of the exterior fun!
The front yard was full of artifacts collected by the club from their adventuring.
Even after the club closed, most of these items remained outside for years.
There was no place like it!
On the one year anniversary of the closure, there was a special show put on in the club for AC fans.  It was one of the last events ever in this building.
Since then, the AC cast has returned for several special engagements such as the Pleasure Island Rewind in November, 2014 (link) and the show above this past New Years Eve.  Enjoy!  Special thanks to Blog reader Shawn Tucker for the hook-up!


Ian said...

I see that Tucker sent you the link to my video! I don't know why it sliped my mind to send it to you myself! Kungaloosh!

KingBob said...

Thanks, Ian. Glad someone sent it!
Great (and lengthy) video!