Thursday, February 25, 2016

DS Update: Town Center Shopping

What a beautiful day for a tethered balloon ride with spectacular views of the Orlando Eye, the Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium and downtown Orlando thanks to our exclusive SkyCam!
Closer to home, we see the new Coca-Cola (World of Coca-Cola?) store under construction at the lower right and the new shopping mall structure at the lower left.
Nearly all of Disney Springs Town Center has outdoor pedestrian corridors with shops on one or both sides. But the development also includes this large building pictured above which will have an interior corridor with shops on both sides, more like a typical indoor mall.
When you come out of the mall building, the main corridor continues alongside the Lime Garage with another loop (at the bottom) that goes closer to the springs.
Another view of the main loop running adjacent the Lime Garage.
That loop curves around and connects to Disney Springs Marketplace near the Lego store and T-REX Cafe.
The most central connection between Town Center and Pleasure Island is here at the new No. 2 Bridge which crosses Central Springs over to the area between Mannequins/Morimoto and Raglan Road. Tomorrow on the Blog we'll look at new dining options along those springs!

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