Friday, February 5, 2016

DS Update: News You Can Use

Here are various nuggets of information from Disney Springs that don't deserve their own article.  Over at The Boathouse off Pleasure Island, awnings have been added to cover the antique boats they have docked there.  The Florida sun can be very damaging and these are valuable antiques.
The Changing Attitudes / Orlando Harley / Apricot Lane building that used to stand at the Hub was physically connected to Mannequins and considered part of the same building.  When it was torn down to make new shops facing Hill Street, the replacement building was built separate from the Mannequins building.  The space in between is open-air but has doors at both ends and is used for deliveries.
The new Coca Cola building adjacent Planet Hollywood is still awaiting installation of its exterior all-glass skin but curiously the rooftop is looking more and more like some kind of outdoor patio.
Another look up at it.
We like to say that nothing is going on at the future site of Walt's Place, located where BET Soundstage used to stand.  But this is not true.  There actually have been some footers of sort installed down there in the dirt.
Finally, for those that bemoan the loss of the revolving dance floor at Mannequins, you can relive the experience every night at Morimoto by using the lazy Susan devices installed on all round tables. Also, Island sources inform us that Morimoto may be testing late-night music soon!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Love the tidbits of information. I Hope to get down there one more time before I move next month...

KingBob said...

Where are you moving to, Jeff?

Jeff -Gainesville said...

Seattle, Washington.

KingBob said...

Oh wow!
Great club city.
And Vancouver even better!