Monday, February 1, 2016

DS Update: Lime Garage Update

Construction continues on the Lime (East) Garage at Disney Springs.
The advantage of this garage will be its proximity to Disney Springs Marketplace, heretofore the most popular area of what was Downtown Disney.  The disadvantage is that it won't have the direct access off westbound I-4 that the Orange (West) Garage has.
Nothing gets car park fans more excited than ramps!
We've not seen a projected opening for this garage but it looks to be on-progress for opening before the summer high season.
Indeed, this SkyCam view shows the decorative vertical panels are already being installed on part of the Disney Springs Town Center side of the structure.
Nearby, the intersection of Buena Vista Drive & Hotel Plaza Blvd. is being reworked for the bus lane. Many who know history will recall when BVD simply curved by the World of Disney and traffic on Hotel Plaza Blvd had to turn onto BVD, often resulting in long traffic backups.  That finally led to the intersection being reworked so that HPB and BVD flow into each other as though they're one road.  The relatively much-less used north section of Buena Vista Drive that leads up to Saratoga Springs Resort and CR535 now requires the deliberate turn.

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