Friday, February 12, 2016

DS Update: Check Out Signal Flow

As DJ Freefall (USA) was finishing up his dance set Wednesday night at Exposition Park in Disney Springs West Side, he told me I needed to stick around to watch Signal Flow, the two guys who were coming on next!
Signal Flow are two white guys who do Rap to Hip Hop classics.
If you appreciated the skill involved by castmembers from Comedy Warehouse, you'll love their act because it's nearly all Improv!
Here the two serenade Dianne from Wisconsin, trying to earn her love through Rap.  It's hard to describe so here is one of their show segments!  Check them out!

They've been performing out there for about a year now but this the first time I've run into them. Of course I don't spend a lot of nights down there quite like I used to!

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