Saturday, February 20, 2016

Club Reports: Aero Bar, The Patio, Eve Nightclub, Treehouse, Attic Nightclub, Rok Room, Backbooth

My Canadian DJ Friend KenE of Windsor and his wife Nicole were in town last night and I promised to give them a nightclub tour. So we began the night at Aero Bar!
Resident DJ Cliff T was in the booth playing some awesome Deep House!
Dance floor was just beginning to populate during our visit.
And the music was moving more towards EDM as it got later.
Next stop was downstairs at The Patio.
Resident DJ Parry always plays popular mixes and during our visit it was a set of Hip Hop hits.
Even though it's outdoors, it's sheltered from the wind and quite comfortable!
Floor wasn't full yet but it gets crazy-packed down there!
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog favorite Renee.
There's always a party at The Patio!
Overdue for a visit to Eve Nightclub, so that's where we went next!
My Canadian friends immediately recognized DJ Dominick Morrison (USA) from their nights at Mannequins on Pleasure Island!
Music last night was mostly EDM.
And there was a decent crowd in the club but not as jammed as we've often seen it.
No downtown club tour is complete without a visit to Treehouse!
You climb the stairs to get up into the tree!
No DJ in here, just recorded music like the 70's Disco being played last night!
Of course the main attraction at Treehouse is grabbing a drink and chilling picnic-style down on the grass floor!
It's just a small room but there's always a great vibe in here; everyone is happy!
Attic Nightclub is right next door and was our next stop!
Resident DJ Alex Wood was in the booth playing House/EDM!
It was pretty damn crowded in here!
Hard to take pictures in the haze but the dance floor was packed!  DJ Michael Brun (RH) plays here this coming Thursday night.
Next stop was Rok Room for their new Friday night House night!
Oh yeah!  DJ Sarah Myers (USA) on the decks delivering real House music!
Word must be out that this is the Friday night place to be!
There they are!  DJ KenE (CDN) & Nicole.
House music all night long!
Sarah Myers is based in Washington DC and I had seen her play last year at Suite B Lounge.
Orlando has needed a replacement for now-closed Sound Bar so this could be the place if they can keep people coming!  Awesome!
Can't go downtown on a Friday night and not visit Backbooth for "Footloose 80's Night"!
DJ Adam Wright has been delivering "Footloose 80's" here since the 90's so this has to be Orlando's longest-running club night!
What a difference a week makes; dance floor and stage were both packed!
Sure the music is cheesy!  But it's music everyone knows the words to, no matter what generation you're from!
Getting down to the 80's!
Everyone needs to come check this place out!
Because a good time is had by all!

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