Monday, February 15, 2016

Breaking News: New Replacement For HOB SIN

Last October Disney finally quashed the weekly event that they had been trying to kill for years; the Sunday night Service Industry Night (SIN) at House of Blues in Downtown Disney.  Famous for it's Electronic Dance Music format, SIN became, to Disney's dismay, even more popular and crowded after Pleasure Island clubs were shuttered!  For more than a decade, no one in metro Orlando could compete on Sunday night with HOB SIN.
But we finally have a viable replacement!  Beginning this Sunday night, HOB resident DJ Magic Mike (USA) returns to the booth for the replacement SIN we've all been waiting for!  This will take place at new Club 39 located in the Rosen Plaza Resort on International Drive!

 Admission is free just like HOB and parking is free just like HOB. As you can see above, the dance floor at Club 39 can hold a lot of people, just like HOB.  It's location just one exit north of Lake Buena Vista puts it midway between Disney and Universal and thus should be attractive to both Disney CM's & Universal TM's!
Also killed at House of Blues last fall was the newer Wednesday night DJ party featuring DJ Rincon. He returns to the new SIN, opening for Magic Mike. Noticeably absent from the line-up is DJ Richie Rich who was a part of SIN for at least a decade. Peeps, if you want this Sunday night option, you're going to have to support it!
Pictures from the final SIN at House of Blues here.


Anonymous said...

i give it six weeks! MIke is an awesome DJ but the DIsney college kids will never venture up I Drive because of transportation issues. Hard Rock Live tried to compete against HOB SIN many years ago with Magic MIke and that failed as well. Any replacement for this night has to be done in the WDW area. Just sayin...

KingBob said...

Well, you could be right but.....
1) SIN at HOB took well more than a year to establish itself;
2) Disney ended bus transportation to HOB at least 6 months before they forced HOB to end it and somehow the college kids still found a way;
3) Rosen Plaza is just one exit north of the college program housing complexes along SR 535, so this is not far away.
4) The Hard Rock Live attempt (as well as B.B. Kings attempt) failed because they competed against HOB. That competition no longer exists.
Only time will tell. But they picked as good of a spot as we could have hoped for.

Anonymous said...

Age discrimination. Just like the closing of the clubs. Call the ACLU.