Monday, February 29, 2016

DS Update: Glass Panels Installed At Coke Store

Flying high earlier today with the Blog's exclusive SkyCam and noticing that some of the exterior glass panels have been installed at the Coca-Cola Store.
Zoomed-in for a better look!
The building is designed to look like a former brick Coca-Cola bottling plant, but then wrapped in glass to modernize it.
Glass has been installed on the north side facing Planet Hollywood as shown in the prior photos plus these panels on the west side facing AMC Dine-In Theaters.
Many workers were also scurrying about the refreshing rooftop beverage bar.  While we were hoping this was going to be a World of Coca-Cola location, today's venue announcements referred to it simply as Coca-Cola Store.
You'll recall this photo from earlier in construction showing the building was being constructed with highly insulated, Lego-like Fox Blocks.
Concept art for the completed building. No doubt the glass facade will take-in a lot of heat from the Florida sun and the insulated blocks are necessary for interior climate control!

DS Update: Lime Garage Progress

Construction of the new Lime (East) Garage at Disney Springs continues to move rapidly towards completion.
Nothing gets car park fans more excited than ramps!
And this garage has some beautiful ramps!
Unlike the Orange (West) Garage which is accessible directly off westbound I-4, the Lime Garage will only be accessible off Buena Vista Drive.  Nonetheless, it will be a popular option due to its closer proximity to Disney Springs Marketplace.
Would not surprise me to see at least part of the garage open by late spring, perhaps in conjunction with the opening of Disney Springs Town Center.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Club Reports: Monkey Bar, Independent Bar, Peek Downtown

I was walking along side of Wall Street Plaza last night and was hearing the expected Hip Hop shit emanating from Hooch.  But as I continued by, I was suddenly confronted with the loud and distinct beat of House music coming off the upstairs balcony of The Monkey Bar.  Had to stop to check this out!
OMG, DJ Rob Prynge on the decks playing House music!
And the place was fuckin' packed!
How did I not know about this place!
Apparently this is a House venue every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night!
Of course we know Rob Prynge from the growing Friday House night at Rok Room!
Got to meet Monkey Bar resident DJ Dity too!
And he would take his turn behind the controls!
There's that outdoor balcony from which I made this discovery.  My life is better now!
Saturday night would be incomplete without a visit to Independent Bar!
DJ Mickey with Lighting Tech Ernie in the booth!
Packed club for the Saturday night format of early to mid 80's New Wave!
The crowd is always a fun mix of all ages and all persuasions!
Love, love, love this place!
Peek Downtown appears on the Blog more than its fair share but that's because there is always a great party here!
House music night from DJ Nology.
The place was jammed!
Dance floor was already occupied when I arrived after midnight!
House music all night long!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Def Jeff
Spotted in VIP: Aubrey & Ashleigh
Spotted by the booth: World famous Shawn Fenn
Spotted in VIP: Misty, Stacey & Pamela
Spotted in VIP: Blog favorite Jasmin
Finally at 1AM, the reason everyone was here!  DJ Andy Hughes (USA).
Ratcheting up the pace!
That look you get from Deep House!
Andy Hughes is from Orlando but is now based out of Dallas!
Of course we remember Andy Hughes from the first Electric Daisy Carnival - Orlando back in 2011 when they had a stage just for local DJ's here!

Spotted in the booth with Andy: DJ Geebo
Crowd getting down!
We love you too!
A good time was had by..........all!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Club Reports: The Groove, Eve Nightclub, Sandwich Bar

Beginning my Friday night at CityWalk and specifically at The Groove.
Dropping by to see the return of DJ Tone (USA)!
Hey, they've blocked my "spot"!  VIP area has been placed directly in front of the stage.
Dance floor was filling-up quickly during my visit!
DJ Tone is from Tampa and has returned to The Groove every other Friday night.
His set was just about all Top 40 and Hip Hop.
Only heard a couple of EDM songs during my stay.
I inquired of Groove management about some of the upcoming changes promised for 2016.
Coming soon on Wednesdays, DJ Rincon will be doing a Retro night featuring dance music from the 80's, 90's & early 00's.  On Thursdays DJ PopRoXxX will be doing a music video night where patrons will be able to text messages that will be seen scrolling across the bottom of the screen for all to see. He'll also be playing requests sent to him the same way.  Should be fun!
You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Like I said!
Not packed, but hardly empty either!
Quick visit next downtown to Eve Nightclub.
There were customers along the main bar and particularly at the rear bar.
With EDM & House music delivered by DJ Dominick Morrison who we know from Mannequins, Aero Bar & EPCOT: China plus DJ Leony who we know from Latin Quarter, Red Coconut Club and XM Satellite Radio!
Dance floor was empty by the time I got around to taking some pictures but there had been some people on there earlier.  This club had been one of the downtown places to be just two years ago but it seems to have fallen out of favor lately.  It's just a beautiful as ever though and the music is always great!
Final stop of the night was over in the Milk District at Sandwich Bar.
DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA) on the controls when I arrived doing that House thing!
Small club, packed dance floor!
Taking over at 1AM, DJ Quivver (GB).
More real House music!
Keep in mind that it's pitch black in here and it's only this bright from my flash used to capture the action!
Dance floor stayed jammed!
Quivver is from the UK but he's based in Los Angeles.
Spotted on the dance floor: Blog favorites Christa & Stacey.
Spotted on the patio: DJ Andy Hughes (USA) & Bartendress Jennifer Forster. Both will be doing their respective things tonight at Peek Downtown!
A good time was had by all!