Friday, January 8, 2016

Club Reports: KIKA, Rosebar (Buenos Aires)

Thursday night in Buenos Aires, Argentina but this will be the only picture from club KIKA as it doesn't even open until 1AM.  Argentines are famous for late-night partying and most clubs here don't even open until then and people dance until daylight!
But Rosebar is just up the road on Avienda Honduras and they have a locally famous after work party every Thursday night that begins at 7PM!
DJ Austin (RA) in the booth spinning House & EDM!
In the early hours the club has lots of temporary tables and chairs brought in.
In the early hours it's all about drinking and socializing.
But around 9:30PM most of those tables and chairs are removed.
And DJ Austin cranks up the volume and the club goes into party mode!
The area is turned into a dance floor.
And by 10PM the floor is completely packed!
And a good time is had by all!

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