Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Club Report: Skywalkers (Star Princess)

Starting off 2016 with a club report from on board cruise ship Star Princess enroute from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Santiago, Chile.
Pictured docked at Rio.  That's Skywalkers way up there on Deck 18 aft!
And in the booth, DJ Pedro (P).
Club opens at 10PM nightly with just a few of us.
But quickly picks up!
Tuesday night was 80's Night!
And with it also being Formal Night, many were dressed-up.
The music was closer to what we hear in Orlando at 80's Night at Back Booth rather than 80's Night at Independent Bar.
Pedro says DJ'ing on a cruise ship is like DJ'ing at a wedding reception where you have to try to please so many people!
Madonna & Michael Jackson!
Tonight they're having a 70's Night and I'll be checking that out!
At Skywalkers aboard Star Princess, a good time was had by all!


Anonymous said...

That brings back many memories I have of Skywalkers from my LA-Mexico cruise on the Golden Princess. You really have to experience Skywalkers yourself to realize just how trippy it is being suspended 18 floors above the ocean with all those glass windows. Our cruise encountered the hurricane in Cabo in October of 2014 and it got so bad we had to change course and skip our port in Cabo for one extra day in Puerto Vallarta. That part was quite scary but the party went on! Loved the moving sidewalks on Golden Princess that take you up into Skywalkers. It's like going up into outerspace. Kudos to Princess. I can just hear Madonna and Michael Jackson now as I dance the celestial moonwalk.

KingBob said...

I did Golden Princess in the Caribbean about 10 years ago. Nothing as exciting as your adventure. But at this moment we're rocking pretty heavy in the south Atlantic enroute to Stanley, Falkland Islands. Winds are 40 knots, creating some big swells!

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!