Thursday, December 3, 2015

PI Update: Planes, Trains & Automobiles....And More!

Like major cities everywhere, the town of Disney Springs has so many different ways of getting around.  A gift certificate for an Air Tour from Jock Lindsey's would make a wonderful holiday gift for a loved one.
Disney Springs no longer has any operating trains.  Numerous sections of an abandoned elevated line litter Disney Springs West Side.  Unfortunately the train depot on Pleasure Island was converted into public restrooms!
Of course motor vehicles no longer operate in town itself but are confined to the beltway around Disney Springs.
You can sit in this boat and drink but it won't go anywhere.  But free boat transportation still operates between the three sections of Disney Springs.
No buses here yet but progress is being made on the new bus loops near the front of the town.
Original renderings had several bus loops running in a north-south direction but what is actually being constructed here runs east-west.  Come out to Disney Springs and see this all for yourself!

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