Wednesday, December 9, 2015

PI Update: Meanwhile On Pleasure Island

When we last visited this lower sign last month it still said Pleasure Island on it.  But as you can see, it now has a sticker over it that says The Landing.
STK upscale steakhouse continues to move at a rapid place and presumably some work is taking place inside too.
Built atop the highest point on the Island, STK has an imposing European castle-like aura to it.
Stopped by The Ganachery to pick up some ganach.  Alas, they don't open until next week.
The springs of Disney Springs are in the painting booth.  This is the Eastern Springs area near T-REX Cafe.
Close up of one of the actual springs.
Overview of the Eastern Springs to Central Springs area.
New Number 2 Bridge partially cloaked to avoid overspray.
Looking across at this platform overlooking Central Springs.
Closer look.
Transition area towards Western Springs.  Notice the dock-like structure on the left.
Another look, this time that dock is on the right.
Peering into the Town Center, we see that a lot of this area is built-up on boardwalks.  You'll recall from our previous SkyCam photos that a tributary of the springs goes south up into that area. If you've not been out in awhile, you need to come see this for yourself!


Jeff - Gainesville said...

Will be back in about a month to check out the progress. Thanks for the updates!!

KingBob said...

My pleasure, Jeff!