Tuesday, December 8, 2015

PI Update: Edison Conversion Work Begins

EXCLUSIVE  Last Monday's Blog article speculated that the conversion of Adventurers Club building into The Edison Orlando was delayed because they needed to work on the Neverland Tunnels project underneath West End Plaza and working on The Edison would block access to the Tunnels.
And one our readers pointed out that they built this new temporary bridge over The Waterfront to provide such access without having to use the Pleasure Island Bypass Causeway.
But sparks were flying Monday as work has begun on the conversion!
While sweepers were sweeping!
And bulldozers were bull-dozing!
So pretty much just cleaning up debris right now and taking apart some more of the exoskeleton.  But after more than six months of nothing, work appears to be now underway!


Anonymous said...

So does this indicate that since work has begun on the Edison that work wasn't done on the Neverland Tunnels as you said needed to be done first?

Troy said...

Perhaps they were able to get finished with what they needed to on the Neverland Tunnels first? I feel that construction, on both, at the same time, isn't an issue, but maybe there were a few things they needed to clean up below first?

KingBob said...

We'll see how things progress now that it appears to have finally begun.