Thursday, December 24, 2015

DS Update: Along The Springs

Partly cloudy to cloudy Christmas Eve on the Island today with temps in the low 80's. The latest look at the new No. 2 Bridge, located approximately where the former and much wider Mannequins bridge used to cross The Waterfront, shows that the poles now have lights installed on them.
Looking over Central Springs towards two new restaurants.
Higher up view over the same.
Closer-up view shows the progress being made.
Looking further west towards the new No. 3 Bridge, located where the former No. 3 castmember only bridge used to connect from the PI parking lot to down below Comedy Warehouse.
Higher up view of the No. 3 Bridge with the massive mall building at the rear.
And a new water fountain going in adjacent Raglan Road near Eastern Springs and T-Rex Cafe.

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