Sunday, December 13, 2015

Club Reports: Independent Bar, Eve Nightclub, Peek Downtown

With my day spent meeting Steve Madden at the Florida Mall plus a few hours checking out musical entertainment in Disney Springs, I needed my Saturday night to be simplistic. So new new terrain covered; I stuck with the tried and true!
First stop for a drink at Blog favorite Independent Bar where DJ Indie John was back in the booth playing 80's New Wave!
Dance floor was packed in here!  But I needed some EDM.
So it was to Eve Nightclub I went next.
And DJ Johnny Quest was delivering what I needed!
Dance floor was jammed here too!
EDM hits were being mixed with old Hip Hop hits.
Taking turns with DJ Jay Mac.  His mix shows are heard on more than 150 iHeartRadio-affiliated radio stations across the country!
His mix was similar but included a few hits familiar to anyone hanging out at The Groove.
Whoa!  You can never go wrong with Go Go girls!
Eve is also home to this incredible staircase!
Now I needed some House music so it was off to Peek I go!
Yes! In the booth, the legendary DJ Carlos Mendoza (USA)!
The after 1AM crowd beginning to build!
And the dance floor quickly populated!
Real, pure, unadulterated House from the master!
Recognized some of the crowd from closed Sound Bar. Really miss that place!
The selections all non-vocal, although a few songs had those ambient "noises"!
DJ's X-Andy & Rob Prynge had played earlier and would come on again briefly to close out the night with more of the same!
The build-ups and the drops had everyone bouncing!
House dancing!
A good time was had by all!

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