Thursday, November 12, 2015

PI Update: What's Happening?

Another beautiful 85F-degree November day in Orlando.  And what better place to spend it than beautiful Pleasure Island.
Nothing happening yet in the sand where BET Soundstage Club used to stand.  It's been more than 7 years since anyone was dancing down there!
A current look at Adventurers Club.
Last week I posted an entry that said that it looks like something is finally happening here.
But I was wrong.  Seeing AC in daylight now and there is nothing happening here.
Every time I go by Paradiso 37 now, the place is hopping!
People in the original section, people in this new water-facing patio, people out on the patio on the far side.  They seem to have really gained from the expansion!
STK continues to progress.
A view of its west-facing elevation with small patio.
While this south-facing side will look down on the springs.
This side has a much larger outdoor patio which is supposed to feature DJ music.
Planet Hollywood announced that it is closing in January for extensive renovations that will take up to six months to complete.  Most everyone is being laid-off.  It will become Planet Hollywood Observatory with an all-new look and menu and featuring an outdoor patio with live music while DJ's play inside.
While we're over here, speculation continues on this one building next to PH that is being constructed out of Fox Blocks!
Fox Blocks are often used to keep noise IN or keep noise OUT.
What's really puzzling though is that they're also adding an outer wall made of traditional concrete blocks as shown here on the east wall.
As well has here on the south wall.  Anyone know what this is?


Anonymous said...

Has less to do with noise and more to do with a showcase of new building systems and energy efficiency.

Jeff - Gainesville said...

I'm not a construction expert but I seem to remember a little about building integrity from back in my firefighting days. Seems like a lot of rust, in particular around the bottom of the existing beams at the AC. I wouldn't be surprised if that were one of the last projects completed. There looks to be a lot of work yet to be done to even prepare that site. Perhaps there are some architectural experts that could weigh in on that....

Troy said...

It's oddly surprising that they took down the AC in such haste (after letting it basically rot for, what, seven years?), only to have nothing further done with it. Especially with as much work has been done on STK in the past few months. It makes me wonder if, like Jeff said, there's an issue with the remains of the structure or if the Edison has pulled out. As much as I'm sad the AC is gone, the Edison truly did look like a place I would like to visit on my trips down there, so that would be disappointing if true.

KingBob said...

Anon, all the builders there are using concrete blocks. For this builder to use Fox Blocks is more than personal choice; there's a deliberate reason that is not yet revealed.

Jeff & Troy, my hunch is that something is up with AC which too has not yet been revealed.