Tuesday, November 10, 2015

PI Update: Morimoto Into 8TRAX

Save Pleasure Island Blog was first in publishing the Morimoto Street Food sign back on October 6th.
Previously blocked by awnings, we now see this quick-serve window that should be opening soon to give those too busy to dine-in some Panda-style options and an outdoor covered patio to dine on!
Upstairs above that patio we see this lounging area.  Apparently not for dining, it has more of a Las Vegas style day club vibe to it.  Could use a DJ though.
And whoa, what do we see down here at the far end?  8TRAX!!
We presume the old circular staircase is still inside this corner of the old club.
So this does answer the question as to what happened to 8TRAXMorimoto's kitchens go right into it on both levels!
DJ Peapod used to spin in Mannequins from the booth on the nearside of the glass stairs!
And that amazing revolving dance floor used to spin right down below there!
Meanwhile the only thing still spinning at Morimoto these days are the lazy susans on the tables!

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