Monday, November 16, 2015

PI Update: The Island Report

There aren't any nightclubs on Pleasure Island but the pulse still quickens when crossing this bridge!
Over at the Waterview Stage, a Christmas tree-like lighted structure has been assembled.
You have to give Disney credit for not shying away from Christmas as many other retailers have!
The construction wall around the future location of The Ganachery on Hill Street now has a sign.  You'll want to make all your ganach purchases here.
With the Adventurers Club building apparently sitting in limbo, there has been some speculation that The Edison Orlando project is a bust.  I've heard no sourced-chatter about that and this concept art for the AC and BET spots remains posted on the Island.
Morimoto Street Food's walk-up window and patio are seemingly ready to handle customers but no indication as to when it will be open.  This is located near where Mannequins side garage door used to be located.
Progress continues on the STK restaurant overlooking West End Plaza.
Concept art has been added beside it.
Finally, Santa can be found again daily at his chalet in Disney Springs Marketplace near the Waterside Stage.  He's putting in some long hours so don't miss him!


Anonymous said...

No clue if this is Edison or not, but I heard they had a restaurant group back out recently.

Troy said...

Anon, I hope that isn't the case. I've been afraid of that because of the complete lack of work, but I'm excited about the Edison. Hopefully, since the group behind it is also responsible for two other restaurants at Epcot and Morimoto, they'll get it together!

KingBob said...

The lack of activity at Walt's and The Edison is puzzling.