Monday, November 23, 2015

DS Update: Those Logo Boards

Back in March, 2013 the Blog published these two logo boards displaying names that were supposedly coming to Disney Springs.  As we approach 3 years since the logos were posted and as we approach the opening of the Town Center section of Disney Springs, it's interesting to look at the boards to see just how how accurate the predictions were.  Looking at shop names on the above board, we know that Marvel has already opened as Superhero Headquarters and Havaianas has opened on the IslandUniqlo and Kiehl's have been announced.  I thought Lego was getting an expansion but I don't know of anything official for anything else listed.  AmericanGirl got built at the Florida Mall.  Coca-Cola is already everywhere.  Topshop/Topman, Bershka and Superdry would be huge coups for Disney Springs (and Orlando) if they got them!
Splitsville was already open when this was published.  Morimoto is now open as is The BoathouseTrader Sam's opened instead at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort.  We did get the Indiana Jones-themed Hangar Bar.  Food Truck Row is operational on the West Side.  We didn't get Argo Tea but we got Tea Traders instead.  Walt's Place and The Edison Orlando have been announced but appear to be in limbo.  Food Network is represented by other names but is there nonetheless.  We're still waiting for Shake Shack, now in the Orlando market but wasn't at the time, or better yet, In-N-Out!  Overall, a high success rate on this logo board!  Stay tuned!


bob said...

so with so many of those already ticked off the list, what are they going to fill all those other buildings - especially town center area with??

KingBob said...

Well, the announcement that Shore was opening a store there shows that there are many surprises yet to come.