Sunday, November 1, 2015

Concert Report: Revenge Of The Synth Dance Party (Axess Daytona)

Axess Event Center in downtown Daytona Beach was home to last night's "Revenge of the Synth" dance party following this weekend's 2050 Convention taking place at the Ocean Center.
This is the former home of club Coliseum and the inside still reflects that theme!
Arrived just prior to 11PM to find beautiful DJ Ms Chevious on the main stage!
With Old Skool-style vocals provided for her set by Jett Jettina.
Taking over shortly thereafter, Chicago-based DJ Trentino (USA).  In 2013 he won the Red Bull Thre3style DJ championship!
Out in the foyer there was more music, such as some Classic Dance & Breaks provided by DJ Divine!
People dancing out here too including Bee & Jett!
Taking over at 12:30AM, DJ Ryan Berretta (USA).
And while he delivered the Breaks, this crew delivered the Break dancing!
And his set finally got people going!
The large dance floor never got particularly crowded last night but people finally went out there for Berretta!
Spotted on the dance floor: DJ Def Jeff & Christa
Spotted backstage: DJ Pedro Vazquez
Spotted by the bar: The 420 Fairies Shelly, Athena & Jasmine
Spotted on the dance floor:  Colorful Amanda, Melanie & Alli
Spotted backstage: DJ JG$
Spotted socializing: LadyV with Christa
Spotted dancing hardstyle: DJ K8
Spotted backstage: DJ's Trentino & Andrez
Fallen angel wearing extremely rare black fluffies!
Last but hardly least, DJ Lee Combs (GB) taking over late.  With daylight savings time ending during his set, we got an extended set!
Sculpting ice to the beat!
Dance floor remained occupied!
D&B gets the adrenaline flowing!
Way too many hanging out at the bar who should have been on the floor!
Future meets the past!
A good time was had by all!

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